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Sport Management Careers Articles

  1. How to Become a Sports Agent

    Sports agents are more than negotiators: they are mentors, advocates, and strategists who play a crucial role in the success of an athlete’s career. They must be able to navigate the complex maze of sport rules and regulations while also being capable of finding innovative solutions to fulfill clients’ needs…. Read more >

  2. Careers With a Sport Management Degree

    “The world is changing a lot,” says University of Florida Athletic Director Emeritus Jeremy Foley. “Not everyone wants to attend [sporting events] in-person. There’s an entire culture around watching them on TV. People need to be aware of those shifts and how to be successful as the habits of fans… Read more >

  3. What Does a Sports Marketer Do? 4 Skills You’ll Need

    Sports teams and franchises operate in a very similar way to major corporations. They employ financial experts and operational leaders to help keep the organization running as efficiently and effectively as possible, for example. They also, as any company might, prioritize outreach to consumers, and aim to ensure that public… Read more >

  4. What is a Sport Event Manager?

    The athletes who compete on the field or in the court may get the glory, but they don’t reach the heights of acclaim alone. Massive sport events grip the attention of international audiences thanks to the efforts of many professionals working behind the scenes, including athlete coaches, legal experts, and… Read more >

  5. Sport Management vs. Sports Administration – Choosing a Master’s Program

    If you’ve done some research into master’s degrees in sports business, you’ve likely noticed that there are several different terms used to describe academic programs in the field. There are master’s programs in sport management, master’s in sports administration, even MBA programs with a concentration in sports and athletics. This… Read more >

  6. MBA vs MS in Sports Management

    What’s the Difference between an MBA and an MS in Sport Management? A career in sport management is a great choice for anyone who is passionate about athletics, both on the field and on the sidelines. If your goal is to succeed in the sport management industry, you may be… Read more >

  7. What Does a High Performance Coach Do?

    Michael Jordan didn’t initially make it onto his high school varsity basketball team. Tom Brady wasn’t a first round draft pick out of college (in fact, he was the 199th pick). In addition to a high level of talent and dedication, these sports mega stars attribute much of their success… Read more >

  8. Master’s in Kinesiology vs. Sport Management

    From negotiating deals on behalf of top athletes to overseeing operations at a stadium, there are many ways to build a career behind the scenes of athletic teams and events. If you’re interested in sports and health leadership, you might be weighing your options for pursuing a graduate degree. A… Read more >

  9. How to Get into Sport Management

    Behind every game-winning run, double-clutch layup or unstoppable running play, there are the individuals who make it all possible without putting on a jersey. Sport management professionals contribute in roles that range from representing athletes in contract negotiations to overseeing facility maintenance and upgrades. If you’re exploring how to get… Read more >

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