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How many credit hours are required to earn the Master of Science in Sport Management?

The online Master of Science in Sport Management program requires 36 credit hours of coursework to complete.

What is the total cost of the program?

The cost per credit hour is $585.75 per credit hour (after applicable fees), making the total cost $21,087.

Does the program offer specializations?

Yes. The program offers specializations in Athlete Development, High Performance Coaching, Sport Law and Director of Racquet Sports. You may also earn a Graduate Certificate in either Sport Event Management or Social Media by completing a one-year sequence of electives.

Are financial aid and scholarships available?

The University of Florida offers financial aid for graduate students, including employment and loan programs. Graduate students should begin by applying for aid, using FAFSA on the Web.

Degree-seeking students can apply for student loans and learn more about their grant, scholarship and loan options through our Student Financial Affairs site.

The College of Health and Human Performance awards more than $200,000 in scholarships annually, in amounts ranging from $500 to $2,000 per award. Scholarship applications are open January-February. To learn more, visit the HHP Scholarship page.

Do courses need to be completed in a certain order?

No, course selection is flexible. Check out the course schedule page for a look into what courses are available each term.

Who should enroll in this program?

The program is a perfect fit for anyone interested in pursuing a leadership position in sports administration, planning, marketing, or finance, and seeking to develop an expanded, advanced understanding of the intricacies of sport management.

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What are the practicum and internship components?

The advanced practicum and internship components of the program offer students a chance to earn credit for on-site work experience. Every 48 clock hours of time spent working in a practical, real-world setting translates to 1 credit hour of coursework. Students can earn a maximum of 6 credits through the practicum, and 9 through the internship. The student’s advisor will assist with student placement and serve as the university supervisor.

To register for these courses, students must complete and submit the following Proposal Form to the Department of Sport Management for review.

For more information about how students pursuing an internship or practicum are assessed, view the Midterm Evaluation and Final Evaluation forms.

What are the additional fees included in tuition?

$35.75/credit hour of the $585.75/credit hour tuition cost goes towards the Capital Improvement Trust Fund ($6.76), the payment of a small Technology Fee ($6.56), and the Student Financial Aid fund ($22.43). Each helps UF maintain its academic offerings and support its students.

Are transfer credits accepted?

Only graduate-level (5000-7999) work with a grade of “B” or better is eligible for transfer of credit. A maximum of 15 transfer credits is allowed. These can include no more than 9 credits from institutions approved by the University of Florida, with the balance obtained from post-baccalaureate work at UF. Transfer credits apply toward the degree requirements, but grades earned do not factor into the student’s grade point average in the Master of Sport Management program.

Acceptance of transfer of credit requires approval of the student’s supervisory committee and the Dean of the UF Graduate School. The supervisory committee is responsible for using established criteria to ensure the academic integrity of coursework before accepting graduate transfer credits. Transfer of credit requests for a master’s degree must be made during the student’s first term of enrollment in the Graduate School to ensure a complete transfer.

How can I apply an online masters in sport management to my current career?

Upon completion of the program, graduates can pursue a number of unique career opportunities in sports management, including, but not limited to the following positions:

  • Administrators in a variety of sport settings:
    • Intercollegiate
    • Professional (both major league and minor league)
    • Highly organized amateur sports
  • Sales and marketing coordinator
  • Financial and contract analyst
  • Facility operations manager
  • Guest relations manager
  • Game day coordinator
  • Corporate partnerships manager
  • Consumer products manager
  • Event coordinator
  • Sport governing organizations

Do students have access to the UF library?

Yes, Distance Education Students enjoy the same library privileges as on campus students. Visit: https://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/distancelearners.